Sad Dp For Friends

Are you feeling sad? Don't know what to do? Then sharing it with the best friends is the best way to heal your pain. For you to do that, here we have compiled some Sad Dp For Friends. Download and send these images and pictures to your friends to open up your heart. These messages and quotes will be a helpful one for you at the time of conflict with them.

    I will never make the same mistake, and that’s you.

    I never gave up on you but you gave up on us.

    Those memories we shared are the memories I don’t want to remember.

    Letting you go is like yesterday. I can no longer go back.

    I smile so you cannot see the pain I hide.

    You are my personal kind of drug and now I’m addicted.

    Your friends are the best shoulders to lean on when you are sad. Understanding that here we have collected some dp images which you can use to express your sadness to your friends. Using these wallpapers and e-cards in your dp will make your friends realize your pain for sure.

    My heart feels empty without you.

    You made promises that I well known that you’d break, but I still trusted you.

    I know my tears for today will be worth it for tomorrow.

    The most painful thing is I trusted you too much and never thought that you would hurt me this much.

    After today, there will be no more tears in my eyes that you are the reason for falling.

    I got too attached and now that you are gone, I feel lost.

    Without you all I could see is black and white.

    You promised you would come back, and never did it.

    Remembering your voice makes me cry, the tears you would never notice.

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