Sad Whatsapp Dp Images For Life

Our mind and thoughts can be tricky at times. Experiencing and overcoming the most painful and hard situation of our life needs more determination and inner strength. But the sadness begin to turmoil and collapse our mind. Here is a great collection of sad dp images, greeting cards and quotes to share with your special people, love and friends about your life. Let your friends understand how painful your life is with your sad dp image.

    Our life is filled with different emotions. Not only Happiness, we should learn to cope up with the sadness too. Bad things will happen and all days cannot be as you expect. If you're days are filled with sadness then use these sad images, quotes about life as your whatsapp and facebook status to express your pain to your loved ones.

    There will always be a place for you in my life, just not in my heart.

    Has never hated life more, than I do at this very moment.

    Once In A Lifetime Someone Breaks Your Heart & If Yew Still Feel To Hold That Person With Every Broken Piece … That Amazing Pain Is Called …. True Love!

    There is a reason they say that balance is the key in life. If you walk too ahead of people, you can get lonely. If you walk too far behind, you can get lonely.

    True enough, it seems that being lonely is one of the hardest thing a person can go through in life.

    One of the loneliest moment of someone’s life: when you are watching your world fall apart and you cannot seem to do anything about it at all.

    You know what hurts? The truth, but only for a short while, but lies is worse for they hurt a lifetime long.

    Being lonely is inevitable; it is a stage in life that almost all people go through so does not be afraid of it.

    And then there are times when you will see that life is bound to end anyway so why not make it earlier.

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